Flexible Grid

The Divi Flexible Grid is an augmented filterable portfolio module that has the ability to showcase any post type.  In addition to the primary taxonomy assigned to each post, any child taxonomy of those parents are included in a button row below the parent row as an option.

Sorting is also available as an option.  An additional link/button will appear within the parent taxonomy row which will reveal sorting options when toggled.

This is an example of one of ten hover effects with three columns and no gutter.  The number of columns (1-6) can be set within the module settings.  Gutter widths (0%-6%) are also set within the module.

Hover effects can be set in the module’s Design tab. In the Extended tab, the stagger or timing for each of the tiles to animate and the transition timing for the entire animation can be set. See all of this in the other examples within this site.

Tropical Escape

Escape to Tropical Paradise